AWS Partner Newbie? Tips for Getting Started

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If you’re new to being an AWS partner and wondering which steps you should take to ensure you’re profitable and serving your clients well, we’re here to help.

Third-Party Invoicing Tool:

Do: Make sure that you have a third-party tool to invoice your clients. AWS’ billing files are detailed and very complex.  You will not generate accurate invoices for clients if you bill them what is in the AWS console. Need help with billing consolidation and simplification? Check out our tool, Parquantix.

Don’t: Allow your clients to see their billing via the console. Due to the ways that AWS handles blended prices, the totals clients see in the console will never match the invoice that you send them so make the invoice you use the one source of truth.

Pricing & Fees:

Do: Familiarize yourself with the difference between blended and unblended pricing. Each is used extensively by AWS and you’ll need to know where and how AWS uses them.

Don’t: Don’t forget that AWS will charge you for business support. Make certain that you understand the formula that AWS uses to compute this fee and that you are charging your clients for this service also.

Reserved Instances:

Do: Take some time to gain an understanding of reserved instances (RIs). Your clients can use them to save money and you can leverage them to increase your profit margins. Take your knowledge one step further and learn how to optimize RIs here.

Don’t: Don’t forget that Amazon will charge you per hour whether you use a reservation or not. Constant monitoring prevents un-needed (and unwanted) expenses.

More questions? We’re here to help; just drop us a line.

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