Reserved Instance Management on Autopilot for AWS Partners

Maximize Profits with Strategic Reserved Instance Management

Monitor and analyze your client AWS usage with an automated solution.

Optimize cloud compute and database utilization through active procurement and management of Reserved Instances.

Eliminate upfront fees. For qualified partners Parquantix will pay the upfront fees for RI purchases and amortize the cost over the life of the RI.

Never get stuck with unused RIs. Keep RIs for only as long as needed, instead of being locked into 1 or 3-year contracts. Sell unused RIs quickly in the AWS Marketplace.

Privo optimizes its AWS customer deployments with Parquantix
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"Parquantix offers valuable advice and shares best practices to optimize our AWS deployments. Parquantix is our strategic partner for the long term.”

Doug Heestand, Partner at Privo
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Atlas Software Group Generates Incremental Savings with Parquantix

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"With Parquantix taking care of the operational side of managing Reserved Instances, we can focus our resources on growing the business.”

Darryl Jung, Managing Partner at Atlas
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A Solution Trusted by AWS Partners Worldwide

AWS Reservations

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Double Profits with Fully Automated Reservations Management

For Partners with Consolidated Customer Billings
With active purchasing, management and sale of Reserved Instances, Parquantix creates a fully automated arbitrage.

The solution captures volume discounts, reallocates reservations to match usage and sells unused reservations in the AWS Marketplace to generate incremental returns.

Parquantix assumes the risk for any unused reservations.


Build the Cash Reserves You Need to Grow Your Business

Reduce cloud costs, increase profits and maximize utilization - with a dynamic solution your Finance and Purchasing Departments can easily get behind:

Make no up-front payments for Reserved Instances. For qualified partners Parquantix will pay the upfront fees for all RI purchases and amortize the cost over the life of the RI.

Incur no Capital or Operational Expenses

Earn incremental returns through strategic reservations management

Invest the funds back in your business to accelerate growth

Join our network of AWS Partners worldwide to grow your profits.

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Simplify Your Billing

Analyze AWS-generated data and create summaries with simple insights that your customers can understand.

Gain granular visibility to each customer in your portfolio

Access historical and current usage and cost figures updated in real time.

Properly allocate costs and savings to maximize returns.

Privately view your own incremental profits generated from dynamic management of Reserved Instances.

Pay no additional fee for invoicing as an extension of our RI management solution.


Let Parquantix Manage Your Reservations Infrastructure

Focus on Growing Your Business

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Lowest Commission

Analytics-Driven Algorithms Help AWS Partners Optimize Customer Deployments and Generate Incremental Profits

Maximize utilization rates

Never pay for unused RIs. Parquantix covers the hourly cost for any unused RI until it is sold or its usage resumes.

Enjoy the flexibility to quickly sell off RIs that are not needed. Keep RIs for only as long as you need them, instead of being locked in to one or three-year contracts.

Maximize savings with 3-year RIs. Leveraging its large customer base, Parquantix is able to utilize longer term reservations to unlock substantial savings.

See how much incremental profit you can generate with Parquantix

Based on analysis of Detailed Billing Reports from AWS.

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