How Profitable are Your Clients? We Have the Answer

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How can you make the best business decisions regarding how to manage your clients when you don’t have insight into the profitability of each one? Problem solved with Parquantix’s Client Profitability Report. It’s new – and you won’t find this report anywhere else.

Right now, you only have a rolled-up view. With our report, you’ll be able to see the dollar and percentage profitability of each client. We calculate the amount by considering each of the following:

  • AWS business support cost: what you charge your clients and what AWS charges you
  • Partner credit
  • Arbitrage profits that Parquantix generates
  • Volume discounts earned at the partner level

Some clients may have a fiver percent profit margin, whereas some may be at 25 percent. Imagine having line of sight into where (i.e., which client) you’re really generating money. Think about how much more strategic you will be when you know who you should give discounts to or strike a deal with, for example.

Parquantix is a tool exclusively for AWS Partners, and we are continually looking for ways to make your life easier, and most importantly, more profitable.

Click here to get a trial report today.

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