Lower AWS Costs

with an Automated Solution

A Proven Cost Optimization Solution
for Uncertain Times

Fully managed solution automatically calculates the lowest cost based on the optimal mix of all pricing models by AWS.

Parquantix saved its customers $31.8 million in 2019 alone.

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Reserved Instance Management

If you have predictable computing and database usage, reserving instances in advance can provide your business substantial savings compared to on-demand services alone.

Continuously monitor and analyze your AWS usage

Automatically reserve and optimize instances for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDS) and ElastiCache

Reduce costs with real-time procurement, management and reallocation of Reserved Instances (RIs) to match your usage

Ensure flexibility by selling unused RIs in the AWS Marketplace and recover costs


Optimization Through Savings Plans

Savings Plans offer a flexible discount in exchange for a commitment to use a specific dollar amount of compute usage per hour, over a one or three year period. Savings Plan discounts apply to any on-demand usage that is not covered by Reserved Instances.

Continuously track and analyze your EC2 usage

Procure, manage and apply Savings Plans to match your usage needs

Optimize instances for AWS Fargate serverless compute engine for containers; and AWS Lambda compute service, for running code without provisioning or managing servers

Apply Savings Plan discounts on top of RI discounts across your EC2 usage

Instance Upgrade Management

The latest generation instance types yield higher savings than older generations. Our automated solution upgrades and migrates all instance types to the latest versions in real time, as they are released by AWS.

Continuously track and analyze instance usage

Match current instance types with new generation instance releases

Upgrade instances without interrupting production

Sell older instances in the AWS Marketplace to recover costs


Why Parquantix?

Our solution’s dynamic algorithm calculates the optimal mix of AWS pricing models for maximum utilization and savings that match your usage needs and workloads.

Enjoy the following benefits:

Pay no upfront fees for RIs and Savings Plans. For qualified customers Parquantix pays the upfront fees and amortize the cost over their lifetime.

Never pay for unused RIs or old generation instance types for which an upgrade is available. Parquantix covers the hourly cost for any unused instance until it is sold or its usage resumes.

Enjoy the flexibility to quickly sell off instances that are not needed. Keep RIs for only as long as you need them, instead of being locked in to one or three-year contracts.

Save more with 3-year RIs and Savings Plans. Leveraging its large customer base, Parquantix can unlock higher discounts based on longer terms.

‘AWS granular pricing structure is complex; use of third-party cost management tools is highly recommended’

GARTNER, Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide, 2017

Gartner recommends a cost
management solution for AWS

Privo keeps AWS costs down
with Parquantix

Privo IT

"Parquantix provides valuable advice and shares best practices on how to optimize our AWS deployments. Parquantix is our strategic partner for the long term.”

Doug Heestand, Partner at Privo
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Save up to 60% compared to on-demand rates

Parquantix ensures that your cloud deployment is accurately priced, properly sized and optimally utilized.
Advanced algorithms will calculate the optimal reservation mix to give your business maximum flexibility to grow.

Increase cloud performance & efficiency

Focus on managing your business

Managing the cost of your cloud usage is complex and requires constant attention. Let Parquantix manage and optimize your instances to save money on your AWS deployment.

Take off to higher performance and savings on the AWS cloud with a proven solution


Is your business located outside USA?

With Parquantix companies without a US bank account can gain access to the AWS Marketplace to sell RIs and recover costs.
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