Maintaining Your Profits – No Magic Bullet

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If you’ve been following each of my blog posts, you’re now fully armed with the knowledge to make yourself some money. Caution: don’t get too comfortable. When it comes to maximizing profits from reservations, you can’t go on autopilot. Reservations can be extremely profitable but they must always be matched against client usage. You must diligently monitor your reservations against client usage or your profits can be easily wiped out.

The Wipeout Effect

If you don’t believe me, feast your eyes on this statistic: experience has shown us that there is a 19 percent chance that a one-year reservation placed today will be an orphan at some point if left unmodified. Keep in mind that Amazon will charge you per hour whether you use the reservation or not. Do you see a vision of your profits going up in smoke already?

Be a Vigilant “Parent”

We’ve seen that a reservation will be modified 2.1 times during its lifespan. Just like children, reservations must be watched and nurtured – and you must change your behavior based on theirs. Monitoring and constantly assessing your clients’ usage is the key to success. I recommend that you monitor clients’ usage once a week; we all know that it’s not difficult to modify a reservation, it just takes the diligence to do so. Trust me; the time investment will be worth it. Or, if you like the thought of dollars signs from this process but simply can’t find the time, let Parquantix do the modification work for you. We’re in the age of automation – from mobile banking to series recordings on television – so there is no shame in having technology do the heavy lifting for you.

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